Why This Former Believer Still Celebrates Jesus Christ’s Birthday.

My first introduction to Christmas came wrapped in a manger.

The year was 1994. I was in Kindergarten and just learning about the kind deeds and teachings of the son of God who lived on earth as a guy named Jesus. Along with being the only person to come back from the dead after three days*, he was also the ultimate example of doing the right thing.

Some adults I knew even wore bracelets that they could quickly inspect when faced with a difficult situation as a reminder to consider: What Would Jesus Do?

But I was mainly captivated by…

What to write? If you have ever had this question, then you know it can often be accompanied by a feeling of despair usually reserved for locking your keys in your car. But coming up with words to write does not have to be so scary.

Maybe you have writer’s block, the inability to come up with something to write, which is a common excuse for not writing.

You can read many articles with tips and tricks on how to overcome writer’s block. They usually amount to the same message: write.

But where to begin? What to write? …

Jake Crider

I’m a storyteller with a passion for visual composition and a keen interest in comedy. Writing. RedRiderRun.com

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